Damned - We all endure the same hardships, and pleasures – even with death inevitable. The aroma of life, a bitter-sweet black rose, a beauty to behold, but tainted with peril.

Origin of Identity - My roots, the culture, and heritage I share with my fellow South Africans; the calming spirit of home ever present.

Center of Identity - The one thing we all have in common - we all bleed. DNA; the bond separating family from friends - we are but matter condensed, the very centre of our being.

Multiple/ Confused Identity - In our material world ruled by the media and unrealistic expectations, how far will we go for approval? And at what cost? Beauty is but one layer containing the growing alien.

Creator - Does the picture lie, or just not tell the whole truth? You are your world’s own creator. Explore, live a full life, and never stop imagining. Preserve your memories.

Wage Slave - Like a bee born to work but not to live; never experiencing the pleasure of the fruits of its labour. Making money to buy happiness becomes the goal - flawed from the start... footsteps away from the purpose of life.